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BTC reddit_posts_count trend in the past 24 hrs

2022.01.28 14:01 cryptoreview_ai BTC reddit_posts_count trend in the past 24 hrs

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2022.01.28 14:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: robe

robe translates to dress
Fill in missing translations @ https://wordofthehour.org/translations
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2022.01.28 14:01 23423423423451 Reviving a feature request: Filter by flair

Sorry if this has already been determined impossible or impractical.
Some subreddits are diligent in their flairs and even have their own filtering options based on flairs on the site.
If relay was able to pull the list of available flairs for a subreddit, display a checklist, and allow me to select the ones I want showing when on the sub, that would be amazing!
p.s. this sub has no flair for feature requests.
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2022.01.28 14:01 ZoolShop 8 Things To Do Before The Patch

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2022.01.28 14:01 Mikeman52 Umbasa

Just got my platinum and ready to take a brief hiatus as we lead up to Elden Ring. Good hunting to my fellow slayers, trophy hunters and not! Umbasa.
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2022.01.28 14:01 brucelees_onmyhead Do any other 9s feel jealousy?

These phrases come up often for type 9s:
Conflict avoidant
Lack of identity
Numb and tuned out
Suppressed anger
But, I’m curious if any of you guys feel intense jealousy? I’m a 9 through and through. I haven’t seen the word ‘jealousy’ come up in the enneagram, though (I haven’t researched other types very much, mostly just 9).
Even before taking the enneagram test, I’ve always felt like envy and sloth were my two biggest weaknesses. The enneagram has revealed SO much to me about why I lack energy and motivation, and I feel like I have a way to move forward and improve myself in that regard.
But what about jealousy? Is this something that’s not specific to any enneagram type? Is there another number that feels jealousy intensely? If you’re a jealous type, how have you dealt with it or tried to overcome it?
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2022.01.28 14:01 cie11a Who designs the character cards?

Does anyone know who the individual artists/designers behind the proseka cards are? Can't seem to find anything when searching in English. Would also love to know if they have their own social media we can follow for their own artwork etc. Thanks!!
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2022.01.28 14:01 wanderingv1olet Full Moon Sensitivity

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2022.01.28 14:01 TrashTalkCommish OFFICIAL FRIDAY TRASH TALK THREAD - JANUARY 28, 2022

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2022.01.28 14:01 chairbornebg Експерт: На междинните избори в САЩ демократите ще спечелят образованите избиратели

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2022.01.28 14:01 sfrealestatediscuss 1632 North Point St: 4 Bed(s), 2.5 Baths(s), Single-Family Home in Marina (2,355 Sq. Ft.) - $3,495,000

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2022.01.28 14:01 yohoo69 i see people say that they don’t think her relationship with moses is real, why or why not

it just confuses me because i see no reason why he would be with her other then he wants to. i mean he lost his family, his cats, his hair, his body, everything. every time someone implies it is fake, i never see them say why. i’m open to changing my mind but i just wanna know why this sub thinks it’s a fake relationship.
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2022.01.28 14:01 hardcoverharlot [thank you] for the postcards!

u/sooclevereh what a cool Chinese zodiac postcard! I will give my old man basset hound Cooper a pet from you
u/CSWL I love the Florida postcard! One of my best friends is thinking about moving there soon. It’s -1 here right now, so I understand why!
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2022.01.28 14:01 Slight-Discount-2348 The coming war on the hidden algorithms that trap people in poverty

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2022.01.28 14:01 ShadowCat1442 Elsaß-Mosel Ist Deustchland

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2022.01.28 14:01 mean-mommy- Buffy assists me with my workout every day.

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2022.01.28 14:01 CFBOffTopic_Bot Official Politics thread brought to you by civil discussions between people of opposing view points

The Official politics thread will be posted twice weekly, Tuesday and Friday, at 12 noon east coast time.
Keep all political discussions in /cfbofftopic contained to this thread. If your politics can't be contained to just one thread and you don't want to visit the plethora of political themed subreddits then head over to the newly minted /CFBOTPolitics!
While you are here, however, please follow the ground rules:

  1. You will follow all the rules of the sub about not being a jerk.
  2. Don't take this too seriously, there is no such thing as a winnable fight on the internet. Do not flamebait and even more importantly don't respond to the flamebait. Just report and move onto another thread.
  3. If you can't discuss political topics without insulting those that disagree with your perspecive then this isn't the place for you.
  4. Please use the report button if you see someone violating these rules. We have seen that this thread certainly attracts some trolls. When you reply to them they win, no matter the wit of your response. Just ignore and report them.
  5. Do engage in discussion with people that hold different opinions than yours. You might both benefit from the sharing of ideas if it is only to sharpen/hone your own opinion/talking points.
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2022.01.28 14:01 xKozmic Spooky Viego Archetype Overview - Patch 3.0

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2022.01.28 14:01 pinda12345 i wanted to know if my laptop could run rise. i messed some in the setting with the frame rate and video quallity and now i cant open it anymore. pls help.

i wanted to know if my laptop could run rise. i messed some in the setting with the frame rate and video quallity and now i cant open it anymore. pls help.
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2022.01.28 14:01 sfrealestatediscuss 230 7th St Unit E6: 1 Bed(s), 1 Baths(s), Condo in South of Market (715 Sq. Ft.) - $945,000

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2022.01.28 14:01 EARTHISLIFENOMARS Macro vs micro economics which is more important?

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2022.01.28 14:01 Stauce52 Nooooo

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2022.01.28 14:01 Cut-Purple Help me find this indian short film

Hello guys I need your help finding an inspirational short film that I saw many years ago but cant find again. Its about a struggling actor who gets a call to play the role of a "vaanar sena" in a play and complains to his friend how his life sucks since he got this role. He feels he isint living up to his expectations or his girlfriends. His friend helps him see the postive in the situation and helps him realise his life is better than he thinks it is.
When his friend gets up in the end, he carries crutches and we can see the friend is handicapped.
Since I am asking for help, I also want to share a short film on a similar note that inspired me to be compassionate in a similar way Feeling through
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2022.01.28 14:01 sfrealestatediscuss 1478 Guerrero St: 2 Bed(s), 2 Baths(s), Condo in Inner Mission/Bernal Heights (1,751 Sq. Ft.) - $1,495,000

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2022.01.28 14:01 thegreatone998 Does anyone find it hard to express yourself?

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