Is He For Real???

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2022.01.28 12:37 MillionDollar2021 Is He For Real???

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2022.01.28 12:37 askewbutton Exports and import products

Anyone willing to share some products that can be profitable from the US market to SL and vise versa.
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2022.01.28 12:37 capthazelwoodsflask ETs Love Queen Elizabeth II But Hate Princes Harry and Andrew According to UFO Expert

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2022.01.28 12:37 DarkShinesInit The Mildly Erotic Adventures of New Eden - Chapter 10 - The Benefits Of Spin

Chapter 1 - A Midnight Stranger
Chapter 2 - Artistic Inspiration
Chapter 3 - The Fuck Palace
Chapter 4 - The Amortization of Hubris
Chapter 5 - A Veemature Ajaxulation
Chapter 6 - We need to have a Frank discussion.
Chapter 7 - A Diplomatic Lashing.
Chapter 8 - The Big Dunk
Chapter 9 - A Valuable Pull Out Strategy.
Which way was up?
The gyroscope had turned too many times. Around and around he spun, body limp from exhaustion. From his head to his toes the blood flowed, back and forth.
Confused, TheAdj looked around. While he could see, his mind was numb. Shapes and images floated in front of him, blurred and distorted. Nothing made sense.
He appeared to be in a large chamber. Mounted candles standing erect in their holders, casting a gentle glow throughout the room, softening the roughness of the granite walls surrounding him.
Around and around he spun, a never ending ride of emptiness.
His head lolled from side to side, adding to his dizziness. Finally, his eyes closed and his consciousness faded to black.
The man walked along the well lit corridor, nodding at the line members as he passed. He moved with purpose, confidence blazing from him. And why shouldn't it, Delve had been recaptured at record speed, swiftly followed by Querious and Period Basis. Fuck knows what was happening in Fountain, but that was INIT. business.
The stench left behind by Papi was fading, being replaced with an almost sweet, pollen fragrance as Goonswarm Federation structures sprung up all over the Region.
The thought alone was enough to make him smile, and smile he did, a big contagious grin that spread to all the people he passed. They had won!
The days following the withdrawal of Papi forces had been turbulent. Despite their retreat, Papi still outnumbered the victors. It had nearly turned to disaster when The Asher’s stock of Kirkland Protein Bars had gone missing. Luckily a few days later, a Dreadbomb. freighter had arrived in 1DQ1-A with a message from Seddow:
“We are keeping the mods and salvage, but I believe these belong to you.
Regards, U-Q Beacon”
Inside the freigher were containers of Kirkland Protein bars, now unloaded and under double guard as per Ashers orders.
Coming to the end of the corridor he stopped and looked around. Scratching his head he spun and backtracked, confused as to how he got lost. Walking past a group of people, he spotted the Triangular Eye icon on a few of their uniforms, matking them as INIT. members.
Stopping, he cleared his throat. “Eh, hey sorry guys do you have a second? I’m looking for the new FC lounge but i’m a bit turned around, could you point me in the right direction?”
Niroshido smiled and nodded, turning to face TheAdj. “Right so you keep going straight that way, right” he started in his big thick Irish accent, “Then you need to turn left, right, then take a right, right, then head straight, until you get to the big window overlooking the docking bay, right, then turn right again,right?”
TheAdj looked at him and smiled nervously “Ha, erm, so I turn right here then go straight down that corridor?”
Confused, Niro started again “No no, listen right, you go straight here, right, then left, then right, then straight, then right at the big window, right?”
TheAdj wasn’t following this lunatic at all, but he smiled his thanks and started forward. “Never ask an Irishman for directions” he mused to himself. He kept walking, following the instructions as best he could until he finally found himself standing in front of the window overlooking the docking bay. He stopped, taking it all in. Hundreds of ships coming and going, a constant stream of activity.
Sucking in a deep breath he turned to continue but stopped as he came face to face with a hooded figure. He jumped, surprised by the sudden appearance before him. Unfortunately he didn’t have long to be startled as the figure jammed a syringe into his neck. TheAdj tried to back away, but his vision was quickly fading, the world around him becoming dark.
Time was a blur. Around and around he went, the gyroscope spin level was set to PAPI. Nothing made sense.
Slowly he regained consciousness, he memory of the docking bay slipping from his mind.
Suddenly the gyroscope slowed, then stopped. Arms and legs splayed and strapped, TheAdj swung his head. A figure entered the room, a black silk and leather gown hugging their frame. They wore a matching silk hood, the face covered by a sheer silk veil.
Despite his predicament, TheAdj was still a man, and there was something about those curves that he longed for. Arousal was swift.
The figure stepped closer and TheAdj could see their legs, clad in black silk stockings.
The figure stood before the gyroscope and held up a remote. Pushing a button, the gyroscope was lowered towards the ground. Stepping back, the figure swung their leg, catching TheAdj right in the crown jewels.
TheAdj cried out, a mixture of pain and pleasure coursing through him. The foot swung again, the dull throbbing turning to electric fire in his groin.
What the hell was happening to him.
The third kick was aimed perfectly, catching him fully on his rod and tackle.
TheAdj cried out again, he was close. One more kick would deliver heaven and hell onto him.
But the final strike never landed.
TheAdj opened his eyes, peering at the figure as it stepped closer to him.
“Who the hell would do this to him?” he wondered. His mind leapt back to the diplomatic lashing he had received not too long ago.
"Mirana? Emily? Please, you can't leave me like this!"
The hooded figure slowly leaned towards him and gently brushed against his ear.
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2022.01.28 12:37 sjmastro405 Parents are moving and I want to do the most with my room that I can before I leave. Any suggestions?

I’m 20 years old. My parents are moving to Wyoming and I have 6 months max to enjoy this room still. It’s pretty decent sized with its own bathroom. I already got a pc setup, 10 gallon fish tank, drum set, and have started putting posters of bands and movies that I enjoy. I’ll take suggestions because I’m almost out of ideas
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2022.01.28 12:37 jursil Gmail hacking help

hi, i wanna see if any of you can help me, recently my uncle passed away, he had bitcoins and my family and i wanted the access to the bitcoins but we dont have the 12 words and the only way to enter is with his Gmail, but we dont even have the Gmail password, and we dont have de recovery gmail password either, how can i enter the gmail? like "hacking it".

i really hope you guys can help me, thanks
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2022.01.28 12:37 BenLondonAbs How much do you think the extra ascendancy of your choice is worth?

Just curious what people would be willing to pay for the extra ascendancy since they are going to be tradeable. What would your upper limit be for it?
Obviously we don't know drop rates, rarities etc but based on just the ability to get an extra ascendancy in your class what do you think the value would be compared to other high ticket items? 5 ex? 10ex? 25 ex? more?
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2022.01.28 12:37 lotapatas horgi

I think this project will be successful as transparency and safety is exactly what we need to strengthen in the crypto world.#horgi #crypto #token #bsc
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2022.01.28 12:37 PaulMCapo The best calculator?

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2022.01.28 12:37 bottish Corruption experts warn Boris Johnson’s government is worst since WWII. Researchers say failure of integrity at No 10 could have serious long-term consequences for UK.

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2022.01.28 12:37 bobbysHERE watched the trailer concept and fell in love

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2022.01.28 12:37 Taha_Aslanofficial Mobil için Add Blocker

Tüm uygulamalarda ve oyunlarda çalışan ve verilerimi ta ebesinin amına kadar taşımayan Add Blocker biliyor musunuz?
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2022.01.28 12:37 WillGrindForXP What tool do I need to remove this type of screw/nut?

This will be a painfully stupid question to most people i'm sure, but I'm young and live alone and have no one to ask these sort of basic questions to.
I need to remove a TV from a bracket and it has these nuts which i cant remove by hand. What tool do I need for this and is it something I can order really cheaply on Amazon?
Thanks for your help
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2022.01.28 12:37 Lavoom1 4 level average level difference. Card levels are extremely choking and are preventing players from experimenting with new decks and promoting micro transactions.

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2022.01.28 12:37 Consummate_Reign An Unexpected Content Source...

I've been mulling over my next solo rpg campaign since my solo Slayers campaign pc was mercilessly executed.
Since there are so many game systems I want to play, I put them in an ordered list and rolled for it. Savage Worlds, it is!
Here's the unexpected part: I hadn't even begun to consider the campaign setting. I figured that would be something I'd roll for or brainstorm later when I actually sat down to start playing. Nope. Mere moments ago, I was given an absolutely perfect campaign out of nowhere by none other than Mozilla!
I'm not sure if you've experienced this, but Firefox and other browsers are doing this thing if no homepage is designated, where opening a new window or tab results in a page of suggested articles and other content. I open Firefox to do something legitimately productive, but my ADHD always screams "LOOK AT THE TINY WINDOWS OF SUGGESTED ARTICLES!" I begin looking and THIS immediately grabs my attention.
So, thanks to random-assed suggested articles by Firefox, I now have a perfect setting for my next solo campaign. I won't be playing as Erik VII himself, since he rarely ever set out on the ships. Rather, his right-hand or something of the sort. That'll allow my play to be more episodic while keeping the Pirate King an established, campaign-centric NPC.
TL:DR - Of all sources, Firefox suggested a random historical article to me that I have decided is my next solo campaign setting. Talk about a wild card, huh? SWADE pun absolutely intended.
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2022.01.28 12:37 Flashy-Actuator-9110 A common sentiment that I disagree with

That RoW is Navani’s book. I disagree, I think RoW didn’t one main focus, and if I had to choose one I would say Kaladin, not only because he got more page time, but because his arc also feels more complete than Navani’s
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2022.01.28 12:37 CryptooGuide How And Where To Buy Death Token (DEATH) - Step By Step Guide

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2022.01.28 12:37 ewizard_007 The facts though

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2022.01.28 12:37 Dxv23738 What is the reason people get dogs when you they will likely wake you up in the middle of the night by their barking or because you will have to take them out to do their business?

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2022.01.28 12:37 acloudrift Diminishing Returns of Productivity, a Suss-out Culture Study

Not an Alternate Technology, an alternate ATTITUDE to technology (in the workplace), thus diminishing returns
Warning: author has Marxist leanings, but the story here has merit anyway. Read with discernment.

Who needs manic ambition when you’re not terrified of falling from your class position?
cf St. George Carlin:
technological innovation wrested the most valuable elements of workers’ lives away from them, and handed it straight to management. No wonder workers resented it. "No sane society — a society that placed any value on quality of life for working people — could knowingly create work conditions that lead to alienation and jeopardize health. Yet that is exactly what we are doing to the nation's twenty million office workers." (back cover of Work Hazards) "automation was normalizing doing more work for less pay" "This is the dystopian reality of productivity culture. Its mandate is never “You (managers) figured out how to do my (employee's) tasks more efficiently, so you get to spend less time working. (employee does them)” It is always (resentful employee): “You (management) figured out how to do your tasks more efficiently, so you must now do more tasks.”
Thus, according to the Great Resetness, humans should be eliminated so automation can replace them with perfect productivity virtue scores.
Note to anti-capitalism readers: Marxism/Marcuseanism is not the answer. Communist apparatchiks are at least as mucked-up as Wall-St psychopaths, but with different neuroses.
Go with campitalism (scroll down)
study notes
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