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Could’ve exposed T & clients to COVID

2022.01.28 14:28 ChewbaccaDust Could’ve exposed T & clients to COVID

I recently showed up to an in-person session despite one of my children testing positive for Covid and now feeling really guilty about potentially exposing my T as well as other clients. While I had been testing negative and no one had symptoms I still should have at least mentioned the positive test in my home and talked through whether virtual was the safer option for the week. During the session, I was in the middle of recounting the events around the test when I realized, “Oh crap. I shouldn’t be here”. I wish I had gotten up and left right then. But I put my T in a difficult place by asking if they wanted me to go. Pretty unfair. And they said I should go ahead and stay. Now I’m worried the alliance may be damaged because of my mistake…
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2022.01.28 14:28 TouristBig6548 Vitalik Buterin, Rick & Morty CEO Share Thoughts On Ways to Improve The Future of NFTs

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2022.01.28 14:28 Dendy1903 Cracc Bacc Voice

I'm sorry for this stupid question, but in which cracc program does bacc change the voice? An example is the voice of the Rock in this video. This voice is in many videos, and I tried to find a similar one, but I didn't find anything.
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2022.01.28 14:28 EsotericN1nja Podcast: Tricked By The Light With Wayne Bush

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2022.01.28 14:28 Anoncualquiera1 Let's set this up once and for all, devil fruits or haki?

I want to know what you guys think which of those is the best power system, by usefullness, power, creativity ,etc. Just tell me what your oppinions are. My personal favourite are DFs.
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2022.01.28 14:28 ComplexWalk5048 Seeking positive experiences of life after diagnosis

In late 2021 I was diagnosed as having bipolar I after being hospitalized during a manic episode after the sudden and unexpected death of my mom. I’m medicated, in therapy and am considered stable now. I’m looking towards the future and what it might hold for me.
I am a female in my mid-30s who has kept a stable job as a professional for almost 15 years, maintained long term friendships, etc. I had previous diagnosis of depression and dysthymia, so I’m not a stranger to mental health issues.
Many of the experiences I’ve read since being diagnosed with bipolar I have been pretty negative - individuals that have very short periods of stability, maybe can’t keep a job, struggle in relationships with others, etc.
Do people who have successfully managed their bipolar and maintained a somewhat balanced and happy life, career, etc exist? If so, I want to hear your stories. I need hope that I can successfully integrate back into my old life (with some adjustments of course!).
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2022.01.28 14:28 loflamel03 Problems with Oxygen OS 12 and One Plus Buds Pro

While reading through the latest post on this sub I see that I'm not the only one having problems with the new OS. But I have a special problem and I was wondering if someone else has the same one. I bought OP9 and the OP Buds Pro few months ago and was quite excited when OP announced that with the new update the LHDC codec will be supported. But now with the update installed when I turn LHDC on there are quite often a lot of crackles in the background and the latency problem seems bigger than before. I hope they will fix this in the future.
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2022.01.28 14:28 Thanosishere2022 I really need to stop 80 more onces 280 for the day

I really need to stop 80 more onces 280 for the day 2,500 last week.... can some cancel my internet service... thanks in advance
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2022.01.28 14:28 Rowen_Ilbert Alright, which one of you goofies called it?

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2022.01.28 14:28 bittersweetlullabies What pain relievers can I take on celexa/SSRI’s?

I currently have Covid and I’m experiencing really bad body pain/sensitivity, like a bad sunburn accompanied with pain in my bones. I’ve been taking Tylenol (2 extra strength every 6 hours), but it only works for an hour or two and I can’t sleep through this pain.
This is normal for me to get, however Tylenol has worked in the past and I know I’m not supposed to take any anti inflammatory meds like Advil or Aleve due to increased bleeding risks.
Is there literally anything else I can safely try? I’m struggling a lot right now just trying to get some decent sleep and Covid is kicking my ass.
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2022.01.28 14:28 FunkyFox117 Need recommendations for new monitor

Looking for a new 144hz 1440p monitor 27” what would people recommend
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2022.01.28 14:28 Sweetanastasiaa BlockX project have many unique features

BlockX project is very stronger and powerful project.This is one of the most promising and high standard project.This project has great futures.This project will be successful.
BlockX #digitalassets #finance $BCX #blockchain blockxnet. com
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2022.01.28 14:28 amalthead Anyone else go on random sugar binges?

I'm on lithium, and every few months I get an overwhelming need for anything and everything sweet and it cannot be denied! It lasts several weeks and I end up gaining a ton of weight because I'm scarfing down candy and pastries like crazy. It seems to align with when I start exercising regularly, but my doctor said it's probably just a coincidence. Does this happen to anyone else?
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2022.01.28 14:28 RetroHardware1337 The logo looks like game controller or discord shape at the behind of the errors?

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2022.01.28 14:28 BlinkVideoEdits If Russia invades Ukraine, the UK should do what?

View Poll
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2022.01.28 14:28 Olafio1066 Two cinematic pictures

Battle of the Marches
Yurt Raid
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2022.01.28 14:28 vinylopiabyg [WANTED] Mamma Mia Picture disc Soundtrack HMV

Looking for the Mamma Mia soundtrack Picture Disc which was sold at HMV a bit ago! If you have a copy of this you are willing to sell please contact me!
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2022.01.28 14:28 SpamManwich Leg of lamb

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2022.01.28 14:28 lostcat04 Are we due for our first nail trimming?

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2022.01.28 14:28 fuckingfashions Ladies, stop coddling your sons.

Every time you pick up your sons' dirty laundry off the floor, some young woman will spend her precious time begging him to do chores in the future. Every time you allow him not to do dishes, you sentence some future woman to do it after she comes back from work. Every time you accept his lame excuses why he didn't clean his room, his future wife has to spend her money in therapy trying to understand if she's crazy or he's just gaslighting and lying to her. Don't make him feel entitled to women's time and resources. Protect future women by not coddling your sons.
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2022.01.28 14:28 tigericky Would You Like to See Pokémon Masters EX/Pokémon Unite, on Apple Arcade?

Hey everybody! Yes, I am aware that Pokémon Masters EX and Pokémon Unite continue to get updates as we speak, and more content over time. However, they are both gacha games at the end of the day, despite their free content. However, I just realized that some games on Apple Arcade, like: Nickelodeon Extreme Tennis, Angry Birds Reloaded, and that Disney MOBA app Game, are all available exclusively on Apple Arcade. So I just thought of this idea. I’m aware those games do not have Microtransactions or commercials (which is great!!). So now, would you like to see versions of Pokémon Masters EX, and Pokémon Unite, on Apple Arcade exclusively as well (aside from the free App Store Version)?
View Poll
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2022.01.28 14:28 the-isopod My fc is LKQS66L6BR if anyone wants to add me

Im pretty new to the game but mainly doing this to see if anyone could send animatronics that arent balloon boy. Ive been only running into him on the map for the past two weeks and id like to fight literally anyone else
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2022.01.28 14:28 DeaconsoftheDeep Hey all! I’m an amateur artist and I did a quick sketch I thought y’all would like, thoughts?

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2022.01.28 14:28 Snk_B M15 R6 - Random display test?

Hi guys, good afternoon!
A few days ago my M15 R6 goes into test screen mode randomly (I can turn it on now and it presents the diagnostics. when it completes, restarts and the machine starts normally) intermittently. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't... Days can go by without presenting this test and without more or less, the test runs.
For you to know which test it is, with the machine off, just press the D key and after that the power (no need to keep the D key pressed)
Has anyone experienced this kind of thing?
Test example: https://youtu.be/w-U2jxw8tHs?t=19
Remembering that in this video they ask me to keep pressing the D key, but on my machine, I press the letter D, I can be away from the computer for hours, but when I turn on, the test is triggered.
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2022.01.28 14:28 Sufficient_Tooth_949 Any good mods to live in a van or a camper?

I'd like to try a mobile base setup to live inside a van or pull behind camper are there any good mods to spawn something like that?
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