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Worldbuilding server like no other: a Multiverse nexus branch for discovering optimal creation, cocreation and inspiration possibilities. Bring your vision and your dreams!

2022.01.28 12:37 SpringBean Worldbuilding server like no other: a Multiverse nexus branch for discovering optimal creation, cocreation and inspiration possibilities. Bring your vision and your dreams!

Welcome to Karuna Worldbuilding!
This server and subreddit is an ongoing experiment with a stable community, backed by the larger project for Earthen civilization: Kranmos, which is still in the planning stage

Do you vibe with solarpunk mindscapes, alternate-history Tibetan-Latin conlang evolution, futuristic-psychological theories, low-gravity world’s with colossus that peer into the bioexosphere, imaginary data of near-utopian stellarcieties, epic threats to the universe requiring brotherhood-levels of teamwork, strangelet-charged-graphene space ladders, Coplan Thrusters driving stars like galactic spaceships or just an early Morndas in your local valley-tavern with multiverse-nexus implications and a warm slice of neutron-gourd-bread by the hearth?

Take a trip to Karuna Worldbuilding for just 50 payments of $124.99/month!

Buy now for a complimentary t-shirt of Quasar Lady Liber-

Just kidding

For worldbuilding related resources alone, the #Resource-Library & [#Compendium] channel are just that. We're always open to #Suggestions too!

Currently collaborative worldbuilding, RP projects and general feedback are the main community interactions, I'm looking for ways to evolve the structure. Here's just a couple of the unique projects in the works:
Kranplexus: depictions of a vision of multi-media "bytes"; experimental approaches for communicating, art-ifying and meme-ifying convergent media forms.
Long term vision: Both A.I and people take part in defining Kranplexus, working together to moreand more efficiently transform information into something human and memorable.
Sagescript: a new form of language that I hope to form from the Kranplexus, where words are enhanced with democratically depicted "digital synesthesia". Long term vision: The language becomes applicable in AR, MR and accommodates any kind oflearner(visual, sound, kinesthetic, spatial, etc), and allows accessibility for the deaf, blind, and otherdisabilities hampering clear and rapid communication.

Kranmos: a multiverse nexus serving life on Earth, and the potential beauty in the future of the universe. Kranmos contains two branches, Karuna(/karunaworldbuilding) & Kosplora(/kosplora). There are countless projects aimed toward enhancing dialogue, listening skills and curated lists for education and more. Visit /Kranmos for more on that. (everything is still in earliest developments)
More project goals: experimental society, government and consciousness simulations, new ways to artistically collaborate, new ways to congregate(e.g giant zoom calls for Socrates Colosseum or spiritual experiments), global priorities list, open university AR content, designing legislation, infographics on everything from mental health to imaginary exoplanet flora, imaginary projects for humanity that could get started just from an inspired a wealthy donor, meaningful dialogue prompts, the great mistakes of humanity list, clear requests toward the multi-millionaire and billionaire class, if I was president project, essays on success and happiness, rites that can replace the good in old religions, educational parkour puzzles(from minecraft to real life), new forms of intellect testing, new models of the mind, infographic compendiums, new forms of collaborative learning, imaginary pilgrimages digitally and in real life, essays to inspire perspective(the root of the feeling of gratitude), imaginary holidays, imaginary qualified leaders and finding real life equivalents, imaginary digital church models, the civil liberties & human needs index, imaginary death rituals, new digital museum forms, automation for the everyman's quality of life, a vision statement for our future, and many more...

Karuna is very young, so any advise you have to improve our community is greatly appreciated in #suggestions!

Events are centered around hanging out and talking about our worlds. We're also gonna have collaborative writing challenges, programming-simulations and more to challenge what's been thought of already in our co-creative potential.

We have an active, small community at the moment and that’s how I plan to keep it for a long time, and fresh blood recruits to our spaceship of imagination are warmly welcomed here!

Discord Link
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2022.01.28 12:37 roma24omar New drop to my first collection on opensea .. a collection of owls

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2022.01.28 12:37 cmplxgal In Super-Vaxxed Vermont, COVID Strikes but Packs Far Less Punch

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2022.01.28 12:37 ObviousTroll37 Even the Packers Special Teams said “FTP”

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2022.01.28 12:37 meltmanuk Medical cannabis access bill adjurned again ! till end of February!!!

What a load of shite our country is in !!!!!!. No wonder the world see's us as a banana republic!.
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2022.01.28 12:37 IllRepresentative856 Two crack heads luul

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2022.01.28 12:37 BurgerOfLove 08 Accord 2.4l Does anyone make a clutch master cylinder that does not have this plate?

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2022.01.28 12:37 Strelya DEGIRO > IBKR, no cost basis ?

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2022.01.28 12:37 pandemonium456 Why The Ships Are So Old In Star Citizen | Star Citizen Lore

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2022.01.28 12:37 gidev How do you manage driving?

How do you deal with the sun? I'm having a hard time seeing traffic lights when sunny. Sun glasses do not help.
The sun not only hurts my eyes deeply but simply make me disoriented, it's awful as a driver.
Also, driving at night with all the lights is blinding me.
Just curious, how are your driving skills considering this horrible condition that no one actually gets unless they have it!
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2022.01.28 12:37 redituser090910 Me_irl

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2022.01.28 12:37 PoniesPlayingPoker What a mother fucking legend

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2022.01.28 12:37 Affectionate_Rice842 My thoughts on who possesses Glamrock Freddy on Security Beach

In my opinion, the Crying Child is the one who possesses Glamrock Freddy in Security Breach. It makes sense; the fact that he has a bit of a child-like behavior, he mentions his “friends” and doesn’t want to harm them, and, thanks to his time possibly as Nightmare Fredbear back in UCN, which I theorized by the way in a past post on my Tumblr, he’s able to recongnize who his father truly is and is willing to defeat him like all the other children, not to mention that when he mentions that his friends are “so angry and confused”, he’s refering to all the other children who were murdered by his father, along with the fact that when he enters the room filled with Glamrock Bare Endos, he has an existencial crisis, due to the fact that this is probably his first time ever seeing the fact that there might be more than just one Freddy Fazbear. There’s also the time in the beggining of the game where Freddy says that Gregory is “broken”, which, although is to keep Security Breach kid-friendly, is a reference to when the Crying Child’s Fredbear plushie says to him the same line, not to mention that the word “friends” has been mentioned before by that plushie. This might possibly explain why Gregory and Glamrock Freddy were able to bond so quickly within 6 hours (more so if you decide to not leave once the doors open at 6AM).
I originally thought that he was possessed by Henry Emily, because of how he knows William/Springtrap (or Burntrap as he’s called in the game), the office where he and Gregory fight him and the other Glamrocks in the True Ending, due to a theory that this is Henry’s office, and how he wants to protect Gregory immediatley, possibly because of parental instincts and how he wants to keep Gregory from suffering Charlotte’s fate. But after seeing Glamrock Freddy’s child-like behavior, how he mention’s his “friends” and his existencial crisis, I deicided that Henry was the least likley.
Now why did I mention the Crying Child being Nightmare Fredbear in UCN? Well, if you hear his voice, you can hear a bit of a child’s voice in there. I think that in UCN, the Crying Child, the victim of the bite of ‘83, takes the form of Nightmare Fredbear. Why? Well first off, there’s the child voice hidden in him. Second, the Crying Child is the only person who has seen the Nightmare animatronics. And lastly, when he says “We know who our friends are. And you are NOT one of them”, it’s a callback to when the Crying Child’s Fredbear plushie tells him “We’re still your friends. Do you still believe that?”, not to mention that the line “Let me put you back together…then take you apart all over again” is a call back to when his plushe says “I will put you back together”.
Now, for those who believe that Micheal Afton is the one who possesses Glamrock Freddy, here's why I don't think that's the case. The theory of Micheal Afton being the one to possess Glamrock Freddy, while reasonable, esspecially with his backstory, has a few too many flaws. The most notable one (to me) is the fact that Mike can’t possess Glamrock Freddy because of the fact that he’s not a robot, due to him not having any circuitboards for Fazbear Entertainment to use in order to create the Glamrocks, and because they do that to cut corners, I’m afraid they can’t use Mike in any way possible, again, because he’s not a robot. Another flaw with this is that he has no remmanent left within him. To anyone who truly remembers this, the reason why is because remmanent is meant to keep someone’s soul in their body, even if they’re dead, not to mention that in order to get rid of the remmanent is to burn it to the ground, since it’s the most vulnerable to fire, and because Micheal stayed within the fire at the end of FNAF 6, there would be no more remmanent to keep his soul within his body. Not to mention that if Micheal was the one to possess Glamrock Freddy, he wouldn’t have his child-like behavior, nor the existential crisis he had when he entered in the endoskeeton room.
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2022.01.28 12:37 elmbby Elbow pain after workout- shoveling soon

22, F, 150 lbs. 2 days ago I had a killer upper body push day. But now my whole left inner elbow area hurts so bad! Especially when I close/flex my arm fully. I tried asking in fitness but they don’t allow these types of questions. I was thinking I could’ve done this with my cable flys? I also did DB chest press, DB shoulder press, modified Cuban presses, strict tricep push downs, and tricep kickbacks. We’re supposed to get an insane snow storm tomorrow and that means hours of shoveling. Did I give myself tendonitis or something? I definitely have to shovel so I’m worried.
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2022.01.28 12:37 tree22211 what if kites and trees switch places

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2022.01.28 12:37 anwh How do you estimate recommended ad spend for proposals?

Just curious how other digital marketers create their estimates for ad spend and how you phrase it in proposals. We do Google Ads (mostly search), Facebook Ads, and programmatic display advertising, and while there are tools to help estimate costs (e.g. Google's Keyword Tool), I find that the real-world costs of an active campaign often don't compare to the data I see when compiling my proposal. I think this is an issue primarily when advertising for local businesses, in which competition can vary substantially.
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2022.01.28 12:37 SeanLasque I contemplated making a post showing a picture of a man pointing a gun at his head when I found out incest is legal in the US.

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2022.01.28 12:37 ifiufiweallfiforfifi What salary would make you happy in Toronto?

Many of us may have seen that study a while back about the amount of income it takes to make someone happy. Given Toronto is in an interesting place now in terms of housing costs and inflation, I'm wondering what salary people on the sub would be happy with.

Lead author and doctoral student in the Department of Psychological Sciences, Andrew T. Jebb confirms his team "found that the ideal income point is $95,000 for life evaluation and $60,000 to $75,000 for emotional well-being." The global estimates were reported in U.S. dollars per individual, averaged to account for relative purchasing power and then cross referenced with questionnaires exploring two main facets of each earner's experience: their sense of emotional well-being (which, for the purposes of this study, was defined as the range of positive feeling states like happiness and negative ones like sadness that are felt daily) and overall life satisfaction (which, for most, hinges on attaining set goals but also on one's success relative to others). Those numbers in Canadian funds would be $120,307 for life evaluation and $76,000 to $95,000 for emotional well-being, respectively. If you're making that or more, kudos. But seeing as the average salary in Canada is $51,000 (or $986 a week) you may be more inclined to cling to ideologies aligned with life's enriching intangibles, like a pursuit of purpose, instead.
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2022.01.28 12:37 RatFink_0123 MS Publisher in Office 365 - cannot change things in Measurements box. I can select but not change!! It was fine ... then I must have changed a setting. Help please!! Thank you all

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2022.01.28 12:37 VOXX_theLock One of the most underrated new features I haven't seen being talked about: The Linking Cord, NO MORE TRADE TO EVOLVE

Speak to the Outpost Trader in Jubilee Village, she sells a linking cord you can use to evolve trade-evolve Pokemon like Haunter- without needing to trade!
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2022.01.28 12:37 Informal_Ad4852 Look at cromoon price and journey - why would this be any different? High start and fade off

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2022.01.28 12:37 Krizzy52 LF: Battle ready porygon Z

FT: I have some shinies , TM’s , battle items , you name it and I might have it
Please DM me
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2022.01.28 12:37 ijustwanttoaskaq123 What do you personally consider "cheating", and what is okay in your book?

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2022.01.28 12:37 Duartecule68 NFT Drop! Dr. Prescription in TheNewWorldOrder Collection!!!

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2022.01.28 12:37 laSeekr Vaping and Rowing

Vaping and Rowing Hit my daily 10k today...and the Mighty+.
Happy Friday, Ladies!
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